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The HMS Naiad Association is non-political, non-sectarian, and non-racist.


To preserve the pride in all ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.


To maintain links between past, present and future ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.


To foster the friendship and comradeship formed when serving as a member of the ship’s company of HMS Naiad and to organise reunions.


To foster the friendship and comradeship of all other Leander class frigates and similar groups


Annual General Meeting – Minutes

Minutes of Annual General Meeting of the HMS Naiad Association held at the Tara Copthorne Hotel, Kensington, London on Saturday 18th October 2014.

Meeting commenced at 10:05hrs and closed at 11:25hrs.

Members present

Antony Atkinson (Chairman) Phillip Webster (Vice Chairman), Ian Hurley (Secretary), Bob Taylor (Treasurer), Kevin Barrows, Pete Carpenter, Mike Cresser, Trevor Church, Roy Crawford, Mark Darby, Ginge Elliott, Graham Figg, Terry Hamer, Mike Harding, Dick Jepson, Dave Paton, John Pickering, Trev Parker, John Ross, Sarah Ross, Ken Steele

Welcome & Apologies

10.05 Opening oif AGM by Chairman.

Apologies for absence and thanks for attending.

Minutes of AGM 2013 accepted as being a true record.

1. Venue for reunions discussion re holding it for two consecutive years at the same venue, this is to assist Secretary (Ian) and Treasurer (Bob), who have to travel to the venue and go through what we are about and numbers arranging best deal rooms meals. Gibraltar was mentioned as a venue for 2016 with a view to going for more than the statutory two nights as we do at present. Chairman informed all that no ideas for venue for next year. Ian suggested Liverpool for 2015 and gave reasons for this as we were there in 2013. Ian mentioned a venue at Canning Dock which was an old schooner  in Liverpool and was built in 1820. Ian also mentioned Bristol with a view to going onboard SS Great Britain. It was suggested that if we are thinking about Gibraltar in 2016 then 2015 should be somewhere we have been before to make it easier for the organisers. Chairman suggested somewhere we have been before followed by a country. Decided that Liverpool would be venue for 2015 motion carried by show of hands. Ian informed personnel that he would look at Liner Hotel again and also look at the ships in Liverpool Dock we would also try and make it as cheap as possible. Chairman then asked where we should or want to go in 2016, Malta and Gibraltar were nominated and when should we go September and October was suggested. Fiights to Gib and spain were 2 and 4 hours respectively. Ian mentioned having a BBQ in Gib. Chairman mentioned that hotels are small and we may not all get into one hotel. Gib was carried as the venue for 2016. Flights to Gib or we could fly to Spain and drive across border to Gibraltar. Chairman mentioned all to look at flights to Gib from airports and report back in 2015. Ian talked about sharing rooms to minimize costs and Ian would do a cost list with people sharing and people who wanted their own rooms so that all had a clear picture.

2. Glasgow was cancelled as there was no dockyards and nothing to see to link us to where Naiad was built.

3. Discussion re members attending last minute. Chairman passed comment re amount of work Ian and Bob put in to arrange reunions. No excuse for persons to put Ian and Bob in situation whereby they are having to accommodate late attendees. Ian passed comment re persons wishing to attend have not even wished to stay at this hotel Tara Copthorne) further Ian mentioned That he and Roy (webmaster) had attended HMS Belfast to negotiate with Chief Yeoman a visit by us after AGM. The CY had informed Roy and Ian that there was too many persons wishing to attend but as he had served on Naiad he would bring in a colleague who would assist. This was for H&S reasons and numbers had to be accurate we could take away but not add to the numbers. Ian further mentioned that we have to give the hotel names and numbers of attendees and a binding contract was signed by Ian and Bob this was 6 weeks prior to arrival. After input from members it was agreed that the way forward was that if members were uncertain as to whether they could attend or not then pay the deposit and the door will be open. Ian explained that he had received an e mail requesting an attendance as late as 4 days previously. Ian also explained that he does not see the point in sending e mails to individuals who have expressed a wish not to attend. Health and Safety place their rules on one and all. Sara pointed out that if we continually chop and change it will reflect badly on the association and we do not want that.

4. Item 6 on agenda not discussed as item above had sorted the situation.

5. Annual Subscriptions to remain at £20.00. Unanamously agreed. All to be paid today.

6. Web site Roy is paid £100 per annum. Roy said it costs him about 150 but he is happy top do it but Ian said that we had spoken and give Roy £150 cash and allow him to be a member without subscription this was carried.

7. Ian mentioned new Royal Navy badges the badges cost £6.00 but we will charge £10.00 to cover P & P. Either buy it yourself or we can buy it for you and the association will make about 50p per badge.

8. Treasurer (Bob) balance £522.70p spread sheets available for ratification.  Money had been taken on Friday to pay for beer bar. Funds will grow year on year as we do reunions, also badges will enable money to tick over. Direct debit can be done fill in a form. If we are going to Gib in 2 years time we can put £10 per month I will keep spread sheet and update as each month passes. All agreed that this was a good way to move forward and avoid pulling out a lot of money at once.

9. Ian and Bob given gifts by Vice Chair on behalf of association for what is done by Ian and Bob. Round of applause. Books passed around to be signed by one and all.

10. Re-election of positions, by ballot. All positions re-elected after individuals accepted that they were happy. Also Jon pointed out that perhaps Bob & Ian may require a deputy. Treasurer indicated he was happy to carry on as he is retired and has time.

11. Chair asked if the Friday evening buffet can be served at 18:30 as opposed to 20:30 – 21:00hrs. This was agreed. Question do we think that the buffet was too much. Individuals stated that they thought last night was too much and Ian will take it to attempt to get a cheaper one with slightly less. Dinner tonight confirmed at 20:00hrs.

12. Mode of attire for Bugis Street restaurant as casual not collar and tie.

13. No AOB Meeting closed by vice chairman. At 11.25