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inaugural agm.. 2011..

The HMS Naiad Association is non-political, non-sectarian, and non-racist.


To preserve the pride in all ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.


To maintain links between past, present and future ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.


To foster the friendship and comradeship formed when serving as a member of the ship’s company of HMS Naiad and to organise reunions.


To foster the friendship and comradeship of all other Leander class frigates and similar groups


Association Inaugural Meeting (11-13 February 2011)

A meeting was held at the Plough-and-Harrow Hotel, Birmingham on weekend of 11th, 12th and 13th of February 2011.

In attendance were Bob Taylor, Brian Conran, Dick Jepson, Paul Gower, Nick Dale, Peter Carpenter and Ian Hurley. A discussion was held on how to progress the "Naiad" and it was decided to make it an Association with a proper constitution, regulation and membership. Membership to be £10.00 per annum with further details to be provided by Bob Taylor.

The positions balloted on were Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

The positions were filled by;

However, due to personal circumstances, Paul Gower stepped down as Chairman and proposed Brian Conran who was seconded by Ian Hurley and voted in. Bob Taylor is now writing-up the constitution, which has been ratified by all members in attendance. Paul Gower took the minutes.

This year's reunion it will take place at the St George Hotel, Chatham on Friday 21st October and departing on Sunday 23rd October 2011.

All rooms have a sea view across the Medway, we have our own private function room plus music.

It was also discussed if future reunions should be moved around the country so they will be of benefit to all (e.g. Chatham this year, Devonport next year and Liverpool the year after). These were just suggestions and are not written-in-stone. Suggestions are welcome on this subject.

As secretary and shipmate, Ian Hurley looks forward to hearing from one-and-all and to seeing everyone at this year's reunion.