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agm 2012..

The HMS Naiad Association is non-political, non-sectarian, and non-racist.


To preserve the pride in all ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.


To maintain links between past, present and future ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.


To foster the friendship and comradeship formed when serving as a member of the ship’s company of HMS Naiad and to organise reunions.


To foster the friendship and comradeship of all other Leander class frigates and similar groups


Annual General Meeting - Minutes

Minutes of Annual General Meeting HMS Naiad Association. Meeting held at The Liner Hotel Liverpool, commenced at 10.00 am Saturday 13th October 2012 and closed at 10:40hrs.

Members Present

Antony Atkinson (Chairman), Phil Webster (Vice Chairman), Iain Hurley (Secretary), Bob Taylor (Treasurer), Roy Crawford (Webmaster), Dick Jepson (Minutes), Pete Ansell, Kev Barrows, Martin & Catherine Briggs, John & Sarah Ross, Terry Byrne, Pete Carpenter, Nick Dale, Allen Elliott, Graham Figg, Terry Hamer, Dave Paton, John Pickering, Ken Steele.

Welcome & Apologies

Meeting called to order and opened by Antony Atkinson (New Chairman).  The members were informed of those that were unable to attend the reunion this year - Steve Yates, Trevor Church, Dave Bradshaw, Steve Croucher (arriving later).

Thank you
Antony complimented Roy Crawford on the new website this was greeted by spontaneous and much vaunted support.

Antony then went on to thank Ian Hurley and Bob Taylor (Secretary and Treasurer respectively) for their efforts in the organisation of this year’s reunion. This was greeted by more spontaneous applause.

Thanks expressed for votes for new Chairman and Vice – all seconded and support comments were read out by the Secretary.

Subscriptions, Finances & Fund Raising
A broad hint that subs would be and were required these remained at £10.00 payable to the treasurer. The subject of future reunions was discussed and a suggestion that at sometime in the not too distant future it may be held in Gibraltar or Malta.

The Chairman then handed over to Bob Taylor for financial matters to be discussed. Bob updated the members that there was currently £84.14 in the account but cheques had been written on Friday to complete the monies being owed to The Liner Hotel for the weekend.

Bob reiterated the need for merchandise to be purchased in the form of badges, polo and rugby shirts and the small amount of profit from these items went directly into the Association Account. All monies raised went to help in reducing the outlay for members for annual reunions and pay Roy for the upkeep of the web site.

Chairman then stated that the that cost for future reunions may have to change – an upper limit will have to be agreed due problems with hotel negotiations.

Bob explained at length how costs were arrived at and that, in future, £150 may not be enough – we need to be realistic.

Martin Briggs stated that he had some items (Naiad covers) for auction at the dinner in aid of association funds – thanks from all

Reunion Update
There was discussion about the venue and date for next year’s reunion and it was decided that it should be in Glasgow to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launching of the ship on 4th November 1963. This was to be confirmed prior to departure on Sunday morning.

Ian Hurley (Secretary)  who explained in full about the 2012 problems with the originally chosen hotel (Adelphi) and that cost this year had been a little alleviated by a refund from our Chatham experience. Also explained about negotiations ref. extras  i.e. Free drink vouchers and local trips. All members appreciated the lengths that were gone to to achieve the end result.

Ian also mentioned our guests for the Saturday night dinner  (Father John Williams and Commander Phil Russ) – the former for his “outlook on life” and the latter for organising the marine simulator experience this weekend. Phil is also the CO of HMS Eaglet, a possible contact for the future. Suggested that a ceiling of £200 pp would be more appropriate for future reunions but would obviously aim at £150 – SHOW OF HANDS indicated that this was acceptable.

Addendum for breakfast farewell Sunday 14th October 2012
All members agreed on Glasgow for the 2013 reunion – Bob and Ian to start looking for suitable accommodation.

The meeting was closed at 11:25hrs by the Chairman.