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agm 2013..

The HMS Naiad Association is non-political, non-sectarian, and non-racist.


To preserve the pride in all ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.


To maintain links between past, present and future ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.


To foster the friendship and comradeship formed when serving as a member of the ship’s company of HMS Naiad and to organise reunions.


To foster the friendship and comradeship of all other Leander class frigates and similar groups


Annual General Meeting – Minutes

Minutes of Annual General Meeting of the HMS Naiad Association held at the Copthorne Hotel Plymouth on Saturday 12th October 2013.

Meeting commenced at 10:20hrs and closed at 11:15hrs.

Members present

Antony Atkinson (Chairman) Phillip Webster (Vice Chairman), Ian Hurley (Secretary), Bob Taylor (Treasurer), Cliff Baker, Kevin Barrows, Martin & Catherine Briggs, Terry Byrne, Pete Carpenter, Trevor Church, Gordon Clarke, Mike Cresser, Mark Darby, Allen Elliott, Terry Hamer, Brian Leask, Trevor Parker, Dave Paton, John Pickering, Paul Randall, Ken Steele, James Stevenson.

Welcome & Apologies

Meeting called to order and opened by Chairman Antony Atkinson followed by Phil Webster reading the prayers and a list of shipmates who have crossed the bar.

Antony gave a brief explanation of the rules of the association including the guest book and bible signing procedure, Ian asked anyone who was present at Liverpool last year and who had not signed the guest book if they could do it after today’s meeting. Antony then read apologies from the following that were unable to attend the reunion, Roy Crawford (Webmaster), Dick Jepson, Jim Dale, Graham Figg and Pete Ansell.

Antony asked the membership their views on appointing a new President to the association, John Pickering suggested that ex Commander Cowling may be approached; Ian Hurley asked that it be thought about as we need to make sure the person asked is correct for the association.

Antony thanked Ian and Bob for their ongoing commitment to the association and for arranging this year’s reunion. Dave Paton said that Iain and Bob should be reimbursed for any costs incurred by them when arranging the reunions including driving to the various cities and for any overnight stays. Bob explained that he had spend around £150 and Ian £100 travelling to Plymouth but that if they were fully reimbursed it would be a big hit on the association funds. After some discussion it was agreed that future costs of £40 will be given to any member who incurred costs when visiting hotels to negotiate deals for the reunions.

Ian informed the members that he had received a call from unknown persons asking for personal details of members so that they could be contacted by the enquirer to arrange a get together, Iain suggested that the association make a charge of £10 for such enquiries which is the normal practice of forces re united, motion agreed


Bob said that there is currently a total of £866 in the bank however after all outstanding bills are paid the total will be £436.64 excluding this years membership fee’s which are to be paid at the end of today’s AGM, Bob explained that £100 will go to Roy for upkeep of the website and that lapel badges are purchased for £6.

Ian informed the association that a large scale fraud had taken place within the HMS Ganges association and to ensure this does not happen with our association at least two signatures are needed on all transactions; currently Ian and Bob are the nominated signatories since Brian Conran stood down. Ian explained that there are three packages for hotel stays donated by Copthorne these are for breaks at Windsor, Cardiff and Plymouth and that tickets will be £2.50 each and that each package is valid until 2014. At this stage Martin Briggs thanked Iain and Bob for their good work.

Ian suggested that the cost of future reunions be kept to a maximum of £200 (£185 this year) and that if any member wishes to pay monthly that can be arranged. Iain went on to say that to make the association work efficiently good practice is to have a vice secretary and vice treasurer as we already have a chairman and vice chairman which has been a success.

Ian then put a motion that members consider the association having some type of membership card which could be used to obtain discounts on hotel bookings etc explaining that this process is already in use by forces reunited however that company have shareholders who receive a dividend any advantage in having a HMS Naiad Association membership card would only benefit the members. Ian asked for thoughts for the design to be given to him.

Ken Steele then suggested that from today membership should be £20 annually after some discussion the same motion was proposed by Allen Elliot and seconded by Ken Steele. Ian added that any non-member attending future reunions pay an extra £40 this was agreed by those present.

Martin Briggs said that he had some Naval items to sell or auction and that the money raised could be used for a future reunion possibly Glasgow 2015.

Lastly Ian reminded the members that they need to think about officer positions as both him and Bob end their tenure next year.

Antony closed the meeting and reminded everyone that the transport to HMS Drake would be leaving from outside the main entrance at the front of the hotel.

Addendum for breakfast farewell Sunday 13th October 2013.

All members agreed that next years reunion will be held in London; Ian will start making enquiries and keep the membership updated.