This month’s main background image shows HMS Naiad tracking Soviet Navy’s Kiev-class Aircraft Cruiser, Minsk, in 1980.

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MAY 2022 Features and Noticeboard

               Dedicated to the crew of HMS Naiad 1942..   

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Welcome aboard HMS Naiad

Thanks for visiting us

We invite you to find out more about the four Naiads that have been commissioned for the British Royal Navy since 1797. The ships have had interesting histories ranging from the Battle of Trafalgar, the WWII Malta Convoys and on to the Icelandic Cod War in the 1970's and Gulf Patrol during the Iran/Iraq war.

The memory of the ships and those who served aboard is being kept alive with the formation of the HMS Naiad Association in 2011.  The association is open-to-all and we welcome all contact and information that will help us honour the ships, men, family, friends and loved-ones of those who served aboard throughout the years.  We particularly welcome anyone with experiences of the latest ships that served in World War II and the most recent Leander class frigate.

Enjoy your visit and feel free to  contact us..
                                                            HMS Naiad C93

Our Charity

In memory of our former shipmate John D’Albert who served aboard HMS Naiad in the 1980’s, the association has adopted The Royal British Legion’s Galanos House & Poppy Lodge as our primary charity.  

The recent charity ride to Cardiff raised over £1,200 for the RBL and, during the Reunion Gala Dinner, we more than matched that amount for donation directly to Galanos House. Our chairman will visit Galanos House on 30th-November alongside John D’Albert’s sister Marie to present a cheque. If you live nearby Southam and would like to attend please get in touch.

Popular Links & Media

Cod War Leanders

ITN reporting on Royal Naval movements and conflict between the Icelandic shipping fleet and their supporting gunboats; and British trawlermen.


Official 1973 Govt film documentary following HMS Sirius during Anti Aircraft and Submarine warfare exercises; and a port visit to Madiera.


A popular BBC TV drama series produced between 1973 and 1977.  The series dealt with life on board a the fictional HMS Hero. It was mainly filmed aboard HMS Phoebe.

Annual Reunion 2022

Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest in the planned Brighton Reunion, this year’s event will revert to a social get-together in Weymouth on Friday 30th Sept to Sunday 2nd Oct.

If you wish to attend you will need to book your own accommodation. We recommend the Premier Inn Weymouth Seafront Hotel.

Visit our Reunion page
or contact the association for more details
contact us on Facebook @HMSNaiadAssociation

Visit the reunion page to view all the details

Survivors of HMS Naiad on-board HMS Jervis, 9-11 March 1942.  @IWM (A 8389) An Oerlikon gun crew in action on HMS Naiad, December 1941. @ IWM ( A7594) HMS Naiad on Mediterranean Patrol, December 1941  © IWM (A 7592) HMS Naiad on Mediterranean Patrol, December 1941.  © IWM (A 7593) HMS Naiad (C93) survivors on-board HMS Jervis, March 1942.  © IWM (A 8389)

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In Touch

If you’d like to contact us, we are on some of the most popular social media platforms and hope to expand our presence in the coming months.  Please feel free to get in touch with us either by Facebook or Linkedin. Our gallery is viewable by visiting JAlbum.  

Alternatively, write to us by e-mail at: Facebook LinkedIn HMS Naiad firing in heavy seas. January 1942. © IWM (A 9574)

Service Records?

The Association is often asked about service records of former crew members, but it’s important to note that it is a voluntary group and, as such, doesn't hold any official crew lists for any of the Naiad commissions. The National Museum of the Royal Navy holds a limited number of service records but most records are held by the UK’s Ministry of Defence or the National Archives. If you are looking for official information or records on former crew members it’s best to check the following resources:

National Museum of the Royal Navy:

The National Archives (UK)

Ministry of Defence (UK)


HMS Naiad WWII Cruiser

2022 will mark the 80th anniversary of the sinking of the World War II cruiser. HMS Naiad had a short 3-year commission, eventually sunk in March 1942 whilst steaming across the Mediterranean bound for Alexandria.  Under constant attack, she was hit by a single torpedo by a U-Boat just north of Egypt.

To read more and see images of her in action, plus a photograph of the survivors visit  c93 dido class cruiser..

Last Year’s Reunion Ride to Cardiff

On November 30th 2021, accompanied by John D’Albert’s sister Marie, the Association presented the RBL’s Galanos House Care Home with a cheque for £1,457 which was donated by a generous guest at our Reunion Dinner last October. This more than matched the amount raised directly on the 100-mile “Reunion Bike Ride” as part of the Cardiff Reunion event. These funds will be used as part of Galanos House Amenity Fund to benefit the residents in their care.

© HMS Naiad Association

 In total we raised £2,760 last year.
Thanks to everyone who continue to support us