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The HMS Naiad Association was formally launched in 2011 after a number of successful reunions and get-together's were held in Plymouth and Birmingham.  The purpose of setting up of the Association was to the benefit of one and all to ensure that responsibility is taken by individuals for arranging get-together's and fund raising for the both association & reunions. Since then the association organised it’s first official reunion in Chatham. The Chatham event included a visit to Chatham Naval Dockyard and subsequent reunions in Liverpool, Plymouth and London visited Laird’s Maritime Centre, HMS Drake Senior Rate’s Mess and HMS Belfast.  The association currently has approximately 25 registered members. If you would like to find out more about the association or attend the reunion please contact the secretary or visit the Reunion web page.

There is a universal membership fee of £20, and you don’t have to have served aboard HMS Naiad or need to attend any of our meetings or get-togethers.  We’d just like to hear from you, and share our experiences and pride in the history of HMS Naiad.

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The HMS Naiad Association is non-political, non-sectarian, and non-racist.


To preserve the pride in all ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.

To maintain links between past, present and future ships bearing the name HMS Naiad.

To foster the friendship and comradeship formed when serving as a member of the ship’s company of HMS Naiad and to organise reunions.

To foster the friendship and comradeship of all other Leander class frigates and similar groups



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All proceeds go towards funding the association and organising member events

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As part of our “Open-to-all” ethos we encourage anyone interested, to read or download the minutes of our Annual General Meetings.  We hope this generates interest and encourages you to get in touch

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