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Weymouth 2022..

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where are we going?

The 2022 event will be held in Weymouth on the weekend of  Friday 30th September - Sunday 2nd October.

This year’s event will be a social get-together held in Weymouth. The original event was due to be held in Brighton but due to a lack of interest, we are organising an more informal event. There will be no pre-organised Saturday evening dinner but, depending on number we may book a local restaurant. No dress code this year.

Murgatroyd49, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

what events are planned?

Meet-and-Greet | Friday Evening

Attendees start arriving Friday afternoon for an informal meet-and-greet.  
The AGM | Saturday Morning
Normally we would hold the AGM at 11:00hrs but we will make a decision on this nearer the weekend.

Events | Saturday Afternoon
Attendees are free to visit the local area as a group or individually.  

Saturday Evening
No formal dinner this year. Depending on interest, we may book a local restaurant.  No strict dress code in place this year.

Farewell | Sunday Morning
After breakfast attendees set off home. There is no formal gathering on Sunday but many of us have shared journeys, so gather before heading home.

how much will it cost?

If you want to come to Weymouth, you will need to book your own accommodation. The hope is that we will all stay at the Premier Inn Seafront Hotel.Use this Tripadvisor search for other hotels in the area.

If you have paid a deposit, please contact Phil Webster to arrange a refund.

If you would like to attend please contact John Ross at


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